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Domains with the word Mobile

Be careful registering more domains with the keyword mobile. Companies are figuring out that you don't tie yourself to one business motto anymore. In Canada a major player Bell Canada which has a flanker brand called Virgin Mobile which just renamed themselves to Virgin Plus. As everyone is getting into everything it is important to realize that more businesses will be looking for names that are more all encompassing.  A good example is all of a sudden he adds heating and the name becomes but then he adds video for pipe inspection. The best thing is to start with a domain, (or similar) which can encompass a number of services. So moving forward shoe stores are selling socks and shirts so calling themselves a shoe store is limiting, the trend is to use all encompassing names. The chances of new companies using the word mobile is still pretty strong but not as strong moving forward. I have MapleMobile and it used to get a number o

New gTLD Stats - Not Looking Good

Image According to the graph above from nTLD stats the registrations of .online are falling rapidly. I have to say I was surprised how many of these domains were registered in Germany and continue to be especially because shorter and better ntld's are available. It looks like mostly sites from Europe and Russia use the extension but it is being dropped at an alarming pace. Click for Google search data Here is a breakdown of each registrar... It looks like all the new ntld's are down but .xyz seems to be outperforming the rest. Discuss this topic at:

Yellow.Place - Nice use of new TLD

Yellow.Place I found this neat new URL and it shows how the new TLD's are making it possible to have web addresses we could only dream of before. The person who launched looks like he is running a legitimate business because I was researching a part for my pool and the link from google search took me to a business listed on Although I admire the use of this NEW domain, and I think the owner of the website is a bit of a pioneer, I feel he might be taking a big risk and the Yellow Pages may eventually come knocking on his door if they feel a threat to their business. Yellow pages runs under and and I know it is a fiercely protected trademark. I cannot help but wonder if the owner of the domain is not taking a big risk. Discuss this topic at: will finally be put to use by

Image By now most of you know that  is a google based privacy search engine. They use the google infrastructure but stirp out any part that would compromise privacy and security in your search. However the domain was owned by google and always forwarded to google search very much frustrating the owners of DuckDuckGo. The domain made it's way to Google, after it acquired On2 Technologies (previously known as The Duck Corporation) back in 2010. In late 2018 (after 8 long years) Google relented and transferred to DuckDuckGo. We are all inclined to say what a kind gesture from Google but the reality of the situation is Google needs small competitors to meet with EU antitrust legislation. Having point to google would surely have caused more headaches for Alphabet. Since 2018 the domain has simply forwarded to leaving some of it's user base frustrated that such a great do or

I saw on GoDaddy auctions for 3k and I was thinking of buying it. I punched it into the URL bar and it ends up at UNI for 3k USD. I cannot tell you how close I cam to hitting the buy now button but decided to sleep on it when I saw that virtually no other extensions for it were developed. The next day I thought about it some more and realized would probably be a better domain and following it through the same way it ends up at INI for the same price. Again very little development in the other extensions. Then I had the AHA movement when I realized you need both of these domains to pass the radio test if you are going to develop it. That is why there there is little to no development in the other extensions. So here is an opportunity to own both by hitting buy now on UNI  or you can dicker by going to GoDaddy Auctions where you can put in a bid at $1,950 to see if the owner bites. I think both domains are owned by the same person because they are both registered at c

Colorful Domains

Colours used as Business Domains Remember that if a colour is in use can look at the plural or add a simple word like THE in the front.  A great example is which is a developed site running on that domain. 1.  - Not in use, Owned by MapleDots, forwards to a for sale page 2.  - In use by Richard White Architects 3.  - Not in use,  Forwards to N49 Web Design 4.  - Not in use, forwards to a For Sale lander 5.  - In use by the Green Party of Canada but forwards to 6.  - In use by The Orange Benefit Fund but forwards to 7.  - Kind of in use but forwards to owned by 8.  - Not in use, Owned by MapleDots, forwards to a for sale page 9.  - In use by the Purple Company but site is suspicious because it never changes 10.  - In use by Brown Communications group Discuss this topic at: