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Hello, my name is Frank, in the domaining circles I am known as MapleDots. I am the administrator of dn.ca and the new blog.dn.ca. My job is pretty easy because our Canadian community pretty much moderates itself. My main job is to think of new topics to keep the community engaged. I started this venture because I had a passion for domain names and spent most of my time on American websites trying to talk about Canadian domains. I started in 2000 with my first domain names, one of which was used for my personal email. I remember looking for hours until I finally came up with MapleOne.com as a domain name. Funny thing is at that time I did not think much about .ca and it was not until a few years later I actually registered my first .ca. Since then I rarely ever register a .com with the vast majority of my domains being .ca's 

Contact me: frank@mapledots.ca

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